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04 DECEMBER - 2015

Worksite Wellness Leadership Team

2:00 - 3:30 PM, FRI

Pi`ikoi Building

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Worksite Wellness Leadership Team

Eighty-two percent of the U.S. population is linked in some way to a worksite. With the exception of sleeping, people spend more of their waking hours at work than anywhere else, making it a prime venue for promoting healthful habits. When it comes to employee health, it takes more than just offering sick days to keep your employees healthy and productive. Prevention is the best medicine. Worksite health promotion programs can have a positive effect on health status, reduce absenteeism, improve productivity, and increase morale. The Overall Goal of Get Fit Kauai’s Worksite Wellness Task Force is to increase opportunities for physical activity and healthful nutrition in the workplaces. Through healthful eating and regular physical activity the workers of Kauai will reduce burden of disease, reduce health disparities, and increase years of healthy life, and reduce health disparities.


What we're working on

GFK 2014 Worksite Wellness Challenge Project Details

Congratulations to the following 24 Kauai Companies that participated in the Challenge and took the first steps towards improving or creating a healthier workplace and healthier employees.

2014 Worksite Wellness Challenge Results

Name Improvement Score Rank
Kauai Marriott Resort 53 1st Place
Syngenta 52 2nd Place
The Cliffs at Princeville 46 3rd Place
KaiKini Bikini 40 4th Place
Lawai Beach Resort 40 4th Place
KVMH 39 5th Place
Kauai District Health Office 33 6th Place
Ohana Real Estate Investors 33 6th Place
Puakea Golf Course 32 7th Place
SMMH 31 8th Place
Courtyard Marriott 30 9th Place
KIUC 25 10th Place
KOA Trading Co. 24 11th Place
Kuhio Medical 22 12th Place
KCC 19 13th Place
KONG 14 14th Place
McKenna Recovery Center 9 15th Place
Pyramid Insurance 4 16th Place
Grand Hyatt Kauai 1 17th Place
Bayada Habilitation 0 18th Place
Costco 0 18th Place
HMS Host 0 18th Place
Kauai Independent Food Bank 0 18th Place
Wilcox Memorial Hospital 0 18th Place
Kauai Medical Clinic 0 18th Place
Worksite Wellness Challenge Report
Resources for a Healthier Worksite Project Details

Get Fit Kauai - Worksite Wellness Challenge Overview - includes many State & Federal / National Resources.

Fitness & Wellness Facilities and Trainers on Kauai - Listing courtesy of movin’ on 2 wellness LLC.

Great resource from California Department of Public Health

Workforce Health Resource Guide - Get the right tools to keep your employees at their best. A resource from Kaiser Permanente.

WSW Commitment Breakfast Video.

5-minute office stretching guide by Rose.

GET FIT KAUAI Worksite Wellness Challenge 2014 Presentation "The Importance of Worksite Wellness".

2014 Worksite Wellness Challenge Accomplishments Small steps that each company accomplished.

WSW Commitment Breakfast Video



Summaries of Past Events

Highlights from the 2012 “On the Road to Wellness” Challenge are: Project Details

Kauai Community College:

  • Implemented a policy change requiring 1 PE Credit to graduate
  • Created a policy for the weight room to be open to all faculty, staff, and students
  • Created a Health and Wellness Committee

Kauai Island Utility Cooperation (KIUC):

  • Subsidized employee gym memberships
  • Offered healthier foods at meetings and in vending machines

Wilcox Hospital:

  • Expanded salad bar selections
  • Vending machines no longer sell snacks, only water and vitamin water
  • Nutrition information for hot meals are being posted
  • Grab-n-Go fruit and vegetable packs are included at the snack bar

On the Road to Wellness on Inspiration TV show on OC 16 Project Details

The “On the Road to Wellness” Worksite Wellness Challenge was featured on the Inspiration TV show on OC 16. Char Ravelo meets up with Bev Brody, the island coordinator for Get Fit Kauai to see how their WSW, On the Road to Wellness program's policy changes are making a difference for the people of Kauai.

Bev on Inspiration TV
Watch Video
On the Road to Wellness 2010 Project Details

The Worksite Wellness Contest, “On the Road to Wellness” involved 7 planning and research meetings held between November 2009 and June 2010. The contest “kicked off” at the 2nd annual Mayor-a-thon on June 26, 2010. The 7 participating agencies/companies focused on making system, policy and/or environmental changes at work. Each team was given an initial questionnaire to determine how “healthy” their place of work is and how many policies they had in place to support a “healthy” place to work. At the end of the 6-month challenge all teams re-took the same questionnaire to see how much they had improved. Extra points were given to policy and system changes implemented involving physical activity and nutrition.

Each team was assigned a coach (a member of the Worksite Wellness Task Force) and together they worked to create policy/system change at the workplace. The 7 teams in alphabetical order:

1. County of Kaua`iGloria Estrella
2. Hawaiian AirlinesMary Williamson
3. Kaua`i Community CollegeCheryl Ann Farrell
4. Kaua`i District Health OfficeAndrea Lincoln
5. Kaua`i Island Utility Cooperative (KIUC)Mary Williamson
6. Sheraton Kaua`i ResortKathy Leonard
7. Wilcox Memorial Hospital/Kaua`i Medical ClinicsRose Murtagh
2010 Report
On the Road to Wellness Worksite Wellness Challenge Project Details
Kathy Leonard presenting the 2011 Worksite Wellness Challenge Price to Sheraton Kauai
Kathy Leonard presenting the 2011 Worksite Wellness Challenge Price to Sheraton Kauai

The “On the Road to Wellness” contest is a 6-month worksite wellness competition (July - December 2010) involving 7 companies/agencies. “The GREAT 8” - Seven well known companies/agencies on Kauai engaging in the fit-friendly challenge. The SUPER 7 companies are: Hawaiian Airlines, KIUC, Sheraton Poipu, Wilcox/KMC, County of Kauai, Kauai Community College, Kauai District Health Office. Each company completed a survey, met with a Get Fit Kauai Worksite Wellness Coach and set goals that reflect policy, systemic and/or built environment changes in the worksite. Survey Topics (ACS Workplace Solutions) include:

  • Workplace Policies re: food, physical activity and tobacco use
  • Health Insurance Benefits
  • Employee Wellness Programs
  • Health Tracking
  • Employee Communication

Companies have from July - December 2010 to work on these changes. The company that makes the greatest changes in the 6 month period will be the first to receive the Perpetual Bronze Running Shoe Trophy, Island-wide recognition as one of the healthiest places to work on Kauai and healthier lives. Stay turned for monthly “Super 7 Updates!”

Worksite Challenge

Workplace Solutions

Get Fit Kauai is built on the integration and involvement of community partners. Community partners and volunteers are the key to the successes of this organization.


Task Force Member Directory

Bryce Bertoli

Grand Hyatt Kauai

Katheryn Bieker

Wilcox Memorial Hospital

Chuck Brady

Kauai Marriott/ SHRM

Mary Daubert

County of Kauai, Office of the Mayor

Laura Dillman

Kauai Community College

Gloria Estrella

Task Member

Cheryl Ann Farrell

Hearts for Kauai

Sheryl Grady


Kellie Hines

Kauai Lagoons

Eva LaBarge

Wilcox Memorial Hospital

Scott McFarland

Kauai Athletic Club

Melissa Moody


Rose Murtagh

Wilcox Hosp. /movin' on 2 wellness LLC

Valerie Saiki - Co-Chair

Coalition for a Tobacco-Free Hawai`i

Susan Smith - Co-Chair

Samuel Mahelona Memorial Hospital