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17 SEPTEMBER - 2013

ATHF Task Force

12:15 - 1:30 PM, THUR

Pi`ikoi Building

Conference Room A

24 OCTOBER - 2013

ATHF Task Force

12:15 - 1:30 PM, THUR

Pi`ikoi Building

Conference Room

21 NOVEMBER - 2013

ATHF Task Force

12:15 - 1:30 PM, THUR

Pi`ikoi Building

Conference Room A










Access to Healthy Foods

Healthy Foods at the Local Markets
Healthy Foods at the Local Markets
Schools and childcare facilities have the ability to improve health outcomes from young people because they provide easy access to many children. In 2005, 57% of three to five year olds in Hawaii were enrolled in nursery school, preschool or kindergarten. For the 2005 - 2006 school year, 181,897 children were enrolled in Hawaii's public school system. Besides providing physical activity and nutrition education, schools are in a key position to offer an environment that can promote healthy eating and physical activity.

Get Fit Kauai's Access to Healthy Foods Task Force's objective is to increase the availability and access to local affordable, healthy foods in our community. The following strategies will be used to achieve this objective:

  • Educate the community on the advantages of growing, eating and/or purchasing healthy, locally grown foods.
  • Provide support to preschools in establishing policies that support consumption of locally grown foods.

What we're working on

The EBT Farmers' Market program on Kauai continues to provide SNAP families access to healthy, locally grown produce and food items. Our task force is involved in promoting this program and working with partners to sustain this program long term. PDF
Food Policy Councils serve as forums for coordinated discussion and action related to community food systems. Our task force is assessing the feasibility of creating a food policy council on Kauai, so that representatives for all sectors of our local food system can work together to identify solutions and policies that will increase community access to affordable, locally grown, healthy food. PDF
The task force is partnering with a Native Hawaiian charter school to develop a program that will increase student access to local fruits and vegetables through school gardens and an edible landscapes. This project will provide children the opportunity to learn about gardening, local and Hawaiian plants, healthy eating habits, and healthy environments. PDF
Farm to Preschool Program - Hawaiian Harvest of the Month Project Details
January is Citrus Fruits Types of fruit: Orange, tangerine, grapefruit, tangelo, mandarin, pomelo, lemon and lime, Buddha's hand. Citrus fruits in Hawaii grow year-round, but is most abundant in July-March (though each one has a different season). This is when you can find the most and best tasting citrus fruits on trees or at farmer's markets. Citrus fruit is originally from South East Asia. Citrus is high in vitamin C, which helps boost our immunity and helps us get well faster when we are sick. PDF
January 2012 Recipes
FARM TO PRESCHOOL PROGRAM - Kicks Off Project Details
Preschools Take Part To Address Childhood Obesity Through Early Childhood Education
The Farm to Preschool Program was recently launched, targeted to address childhood obesity through early childhood nutrition education. 19 preschools are participating in this pilot program on Kauai.
Garden Isle Article
Farm to Preschool Project Details
Farm to Preschool
Farm to Preschool Project
The Farm to Preschool Project is designed to influence early childhood eating habits and bring farm fresh foods to a range of child care and preschool programs on Kauai. A Farm to Preschool training was presented to approximately 50 Kauai preschool teachers in February 2011 which introduced age and culturally appropriate nutrition curricula for preschoolers and parents, Harvest of the Month activities, school gardening, cooking and taste tests and visits to farms and farmers markets. Nine preschools have agreed to adopt the Farm to Preschool Wellness Policy and will implement the pilot program from August 2011 to May 2012. Additional preschools are welcome to sign on before school begins in the fall! PDF
Punana Leo Gets a Garden Project Details
Ho`ola Lahui Hawai`i has been offering health education presentations to Punana Leo Hawai`i for over 10 years. Their participation and partnership with Get Fit Kaua`i (GFK) and the CPPW grant introduced them to the Farm To Preschool Curriculum. They have started a garden at the preschool, thanks to the support of their garden coordinator, Natalie Hiwahiwa Joyce-Maeda. PDF
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2-for-1 program launched on February 1st
The 2-for-1 coupon program for those using their Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) card at the Farmer's Markets was launched on February 1st, and the program has already yielded results. Read more.
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KHON 2 EBT Coverage Project Details
The Eat Better Today 2-for-1 program, launched on February 1st, was promoted by Ron Wiley on KHON 2 News: Media Coverage
E.B.T. - Eat Better Today! Project Details
Come take advantage of the freshest fruits and vegetables and other eligible food items at local prices and use your EBT card at selected Farmers' Markets! The Kaua'i Independent Food Bank is pleased to announce the launch of a new EBT Farmers' Market Program! Starting September 3, 2011, SNAP recipients will be able to use their EBT card to purchase fresh fruits, vegetables, and other eligible food items. Farmers Markets that accept EBT are the Koloa, Lihue, and Kapa'a Sunshine Markets and the Kaua'i Community Market at KCC. This is a one-year pilot program funded by USDA in partnership with the County of Kauai, Get Fit Kaua'i-Communities Putting Prevention to Work (CPPW), the Kauai County Farm Bureau, and Kauai Community College. For more information, contact Sasha at 808.212.5407. EBT-Eat Better Today! Shop at selected Farmers Markets starting September 3, 2011!
Eat Better Today
EBT at Farmers Markets Project Details
Complete Streets Public Workshop
EBT aids access to healthier foods
In partnership with agencies such as the Kauai Food Bank, the Kauai Farm Bureau, and Kauai Community College, Get Fit Kauai is using CPPW funds to help plan and implement Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) systems at numerous farmers' markets on Kauai. This project will provide Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) consumers the option to purchase healthy, locally grown produce and food items by using their EBT benefits card at select farmers' markets. The overall goal of the EBT project is to improve community access to healthier foods and to improve the nutrition of Kauai residents. PDF
The Kauai Grown Subcommittee of the Access to Healthy Foods Task Force continues its work to promote local farmers and locally grown produce. The subcommittee’s goal is to strengthen relationships between farmers, retailers, restaurants, and consumers so that fresher, healthier food items are made available to the community at affordable prices. A restaurant survey was conducted to learn about the demand, procurement, and utilization of locally grown foods, which has provided valuable insight to the current issues facing farmers and restaurants in accessing and promoting locally grown foods on their menus PDF
KAUAI GROWN Project Details
Kauai Grown Presently Get Fit Kauai's Access to Healthy Foods task force is developing partnerships with the following agencies to introduce a "Kauai Grown" program into preschools on Kauai.
  • Kauai County Farm Bureau
  • University of Hawaii Cooperative Extension
  • Kauai Community College
  • County Office of Economic Development
  • P.A.T.C.H. (People Attentive to Children)
  • Department of Health (SNAP Ed. & KDHO)
  • Kauai Economic Opportunity
  • Malama Kauai
  • Ho`ola Lahui Hawaii

Get Fit Kauai is built on the integration and involvement of community partners. Community partners and volunteers are the key to the successes of this organization.


Access to Healthy Foods Meeting Minutes

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Task Force Member Directory

Michelle Martinez - Chair

Get Fit Kauai

Jodi Drisko

Parametrix Group, LLC

Lea Kaiaokamalie

County of Kaua'i Planning Department

Tiana Kamen

Malama Kauai – NTBG – Limahuli Garden & Preserve

Laura Jean Kawamura

University of Hawaii Coop. Extension Serv.

Laura Kelly

County of Kauai- Solid Waste Division

Melissa McFerrin-Warrack

Kauai County Farm Bureau

Frank Ranger

Kauai Independent Food Bank

Marla Silva

Ho`ola Lahui Hawaii