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19 FEBRUARY - 2015

Built Environment Task Force

2:00 - 3:30 PM, THUR

Pi`ikoi Building

Conference Room A





Built Environment Task Force

Walking, Biking and Running
Walking, Biking and Running
"In recent years, the detrimental effect of the traditional Euclidean zoning system - where different land uses are placed in separate areas - on public health has been researched and documented. This zoning system creates a development pattern that often supports sprawl - low density, automobile-dependent development - rather than compact towns that have a mixture of compatible land uses within a small area. As a result, it is sometimes difficult for residents to engage in active transportation, which is travel via walking, biking and transit. The Built Environment Task Force recognizes that Kaua'i’s land use system should support active, healthy lifestyles through human-scaled, rather than automobile-centered, development. This is a critical task given increases in obesity and obesity-related diseases in Hawai'i. As a task force we committed to helping the County make the necessary changes to its planning system in order to support healthy community design."

What we're working on

RICE STREET WALK Project Details
2014 Rice Street Week Project Details The big project for November 2014 was Rice Street Week. From November 17th – November 21st, Get Fit Kaua‘i, in partnership with County of Kaua‘i, Lihue Business Association and the Kauai Chamber of Commerce hosted Rice Street Week, which included the unveiling of complete streets plans for Rice Street. Workshops, walkabouts, public information meetings and static displays were all well attended by GFK members, County staff, business owners and community supporters!

Rice Street Week Project Details
  We are helping Kaua'i County build and support walkable towns by implementing the Complete Streets policy that was adopted in 2010. This means implementing the County’s internal Complete Streets Action Plan that identified specific code changes and new roadway design guidelines. Another important role of the Task Force is to support the construction of pedestrian-, bike- and bus-friendly capital projects.

  The BETF prepared the first Kaua'i County Complete Streets Indicators Report last year, and this year followed up with the second report. Through trial and error, several indicators were refined and improved upon. The indicators included are:

  1. Pedestrian and cyclist safety
  2. Active transportation rate
  3. Safe Routes to School participation
  4. Public transportation use
  5. Active transportation facilities
Complete Streets Indicators Report
  The General Plan is the overarching policy document for the County. It articulates a County-wide long range vision from which policies and actions are formed. It has an important role in determining how our communities are shaped and improved. We are exploring how public health considerations can be integrated into the next Kaua'i County General Plan Update.


Summaries of Past Events

Kauai MLTP The MLTP is intended to serve as a guide for the development of county roads and streets, public transit, bicycle facilities, pedestrian facilities, agriculture-related transportation, and to promote the integration of land use planning with transportation system development. Additionally, the plan lays forth an ambitious vision for transportation on Kaua'i. The preferred scenario calls for dramatic increases in walking, bike, and transit trips, as well as the flat lining of Island-wide vehicle miles travelled (VMT).

Kauai MLTP
The University of North Carolina Center for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention, Center for Training and Research Translation, has completed a report on "Hawaii Complete Streets Policy", December, 2011. The report recognizes the efforts of Get Fit Kauai and the Built Environment Task Force in implementing the Complete Streets policy for Kauai County, with support from the Healthy Hawaii Initiative, State Department of Health, through the University of Hawaii at Manoa.

Michael Moule Workshop
Michael Moule, PE, TE, PTOE, Principal Transportation Engineer with Nelson/Nygaard Consulting Associates Inc., spent time with County stakeholders and other agencies during a week-long visit on Kauai, October 17 - 21, 2011. Moule has over 18 years of progressive traffic and transportation engineering experience, including traffic calming, conceptual design for “Complete Streets,” and planning improved bicycle and pedestrian facilities. He has experience leading community planning processes and training sessions to give individuals the basic skills they need to develop and review street design solutions.

During his visit, Moule offered his technical assistance and expertise to key staff with the County Department of Public Works, Planning Department, and Housing and Transportation agencies to address the County's Complete Streets policy and future implementation. The workshops and sessions were sponsored by Get Fit Kauai, Healthy Hawaii Initiative, and Communities Putting Prevention To Work.

The State Complete Streets law was enacted in 2009 - Act 54 (SB 718). Complete Streets provides for equal consideration of all transportation modes in roadway projects: vehicles, pedestrian, bicycle, and transit. It enhances transportation choice, increases accessibility for the community, especially our youth, elderly, disabled, and offers environmental, health, and public safety benefits.

Michael Moule Workshop
TRANSPORTATION ALTERNATIVES FOR KILAUEA - Kilauea Walking Tour with Dan Burden! Project Details

YOU ARE INVITED Kilauea Transportation Alternatives Talk Story Session with Dan Burden Monday, September 19th, 2:00 - 3:30 pm Kilauea Neighborhood Center & Kilauea Walking Tour with Dan Burden Monday, September 19th, 3:30 - 5:00 pm Kilauea Neighborhood Center Dan is looking forward to spending time in Kilauea and helping us identify some alternative transportation needs as well as sharing a holistic vision for creating a healthy, pedestrian and bicycle-friendly community. Dan Burden has had 25 years of experience in developing, promoting, and evaluating alternative transportation facilities, traffic calming practices, and sustainable community design. He specializes in transportation and land use planning, and the research and implementation of pedestrian, bicycle, traffic-calming, and street improvement projects. A former National Geographic photographer, Burden once led a bicycling expedition from Alaska to Argentina. Burden founded Bikecentennial and, along with his wife and thirty others, worked with 90 governmental agencies to develop the longest recreation trail in the world - the 4,300 mile-long TransAmerica Bicycle Trail. In 1977 Burden worked to create the Bicycle Federation of America and served as its director for its first two years of operation. Burden was celebrated by Time Magazine (See June 18th 2001 issue) as one of the world's six most important civic innovators; in a more recent nationally circulated Associated Press article, as well as series of releases on NBC Dateline, The Discovery Channel, and ABC's Peter Jennings programs. "Of the 1400 communities I have walked, I have not found one where designing for the car has made it a successful place. Indeed, the most successful villages, towns and cities in America are those designed before the car was invented, and where the least tinkering has been done since." - Dan Burden We are indeed very fortunate to have the opportunity to experience Dan Burden's expertise, energy and enthusiasm up close and personal right here in Kilauea! It's a dream come true. Building Community Through Transportation Articles PDF
Kilauea Walking Tour
Complete Streets Work Group Project Details
Complete Streets Public Workshop
Built Environment Task Force
The Kauai County Council unanimously adopted a Complete Streets policy through Resolution No. 2010-48 on September 15, 2010. Kauai's resolution is the first to come after 2009's passage of a statewide Complete Streets law and is a great first step to ensure that the law's intent becomes a reality across the state. Get Fit Kauai led the charge, working closely with the Mayor and participating in a number of meetings about the policy. Get Fit Kauai was joined by several county agencies, including the Planning Department, Public Works, and the Police Department, Kauai Path, AARP, Grove Farm Company, Inc., Kaua'i Economic Development Board, Malama Kauai, and several Kauai residents in bringing about the resolution's passage. Currently the task force is developing an implementation strategy that focuses on ordinance and procedural changes. See The Garden Island article. PDF
Multimodal Transportation System Work Group Project Details
Sidewalks and bicycle lanes on Kaana St
Sidewalks and bicycle lanes on Kaana St
Our goal is to ensure that the update of all transportation plans relevant to Kaua'i will support the creation of a connected multi-modal transportation system. These plans include the State Long-range Land Transportation Plan, the State Pedestrian Master Plan, the State Bicycle Implementation Plan, the County Multi-modal Transportation Plan, and the County General Plan and Regional Development Plan Updates. PDF
Complete Streets Public Workshop (past event) Project Details
Complete Streets Public Workshop
Public Workshop
Over 80 people attended a Complete Streets Public Workshop at the Kauai War Memorial Convention Hall from 6 - 8 pm on April 20, 2011. The workshop was hosted by Get Fit Kauai (GFK), in cooperation with Communities Putting Prevention to Work (CPPW) and the National Complete Streets Coalition (NCSC). See full report attached.
Complete Streets are planned, designed and operated to enable safe access for all users including motorists, bus riders, pedestrians and bicyclists, and people with disabilities.

CS Workshop Report

Get Fit Kauai is built on the integration and involvement of community partners. Community partners and volunteers are the key to the successes of this organization.


Task Force Member Directory

Marie Williams - Chair

County of Kaua'i Planning Department

Nalani Aki

Capacity Builders LLC

Ted Blake

Malama Koloa

Sara Bowen

Kauai Natural Resources Consulting

Tim Bynum

Kaua'i County Council Member

Neil Clendeninn

Lihue Business Association

Daryl Date

Kauai Fire Safety Bureau

Howard Gregg

Community Member

Pat Griffin

Lihue Business Association

Esti Grinpas

Community Member

Doug Haigh

County of Kaua'i DPW Building Division

Ka`aina Hull

County of Kaua'i Planning Department

Stanford Iwamoto

Engineering Division of the Public Works Department

Lea Kaiaokamalie

County of Kaua'i Planning Department

Patrick Kaihara

County of Kaua'i DPW Building Division

Celia Mahikoa

County of Kaua'i Transportation Agency

Ivory McClintock

Blue Planet Foundation

Ray McCormick

Hawaii Department of Transportation

Dee Morikawa

State Representative

Tommy Noyes

Kauai District Health Office

Linda Nuland-Ames

Office of the Mayor

Ruby Pap

Sea Grant Agent

Barbara Pendragon

Kaua'i County Housing Agency

Aaron Rosenstiel

Community Member

Lee Steinmetz

County of Kaua'i Transportation Planner

Ben Sullivan

County of Kaua'i OED

Lyle Tabata

County of Kauai Dept. of Public Works

Kealoha Takahashi

CoK Agency on Elderly Affairs

Ken Taylor

Community Member

Paki Vaughn

Kaua'i Fire Safety Bureau

Ben Welborn

Landmark Consulting

Robert Westerman

Kauai Fire Department Fire Chief

JoAnn Yukimura

Kaua'i County Council member

Diane Zachary

Kaua'i Planning and Action Alliance