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Why is Advocacy important?

Advocacy, in making Kauai a healthier more active community, including lobbying, is an important activity to bring about change in public attitudes and policies that impact our constituencies. Here are a few reasons Get Fit Kauai believes it is important that individuals, groups, and organizations participate in advocacy.

  1. You can make a difference.
  2. People working together can make a difference.
  3. People can change laws.
  4. Policymakers need your expertise.
  5. Advocacy and lobbying help find real solutions.
  6. Advocacy and lobbying is easy once you understand the rules and know what works.
  7. Advocacy and lobbying helps people.
  8. The views of local people, agencies and organizations are important.
  9. Advocacy and lobbying advances your cause and builds public trust.

Past Advocacy Efforts

Complete Streets Resolution (Built Environment) Advocacy Info
On September 15, 2010, Get Fit Kauai testified in support of the Complete Streets Resolution.
Result: Passed
Garden Island News Article
Kauai Bus Expansion Bill (Built Environment) Advocacy Info
On January 12, 2011, Get Fit Kauai testified in support of Bill 2390; Support of Kauai Bus Expansion.
Result: Passed
Garden Island News Article